About This Triathlete

Triathlon’s are what I do, it’s what fulfills my desire to challenge my body and mind.

Triathlon training is intense! You must focus on three separate disciplines – Swimming, Biking, and Running – An Ironman distance is 2.4 mile swim, bike 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles.  Up to this point I have only competed in Sprint and Olympic distances (minor distances).  I just haven’t had the opportunity to challenge myself further.  With final baby #3 and school obligations out of the way I feel I have the time to really bring this game to a new level.   I will compete in a half Iron next spring and hopefully get picked from the lottery for Kona next year.


Balancing family, career, and training will be the key to my success.  Elite triathletes find that either their family time suffers (or personal life) and training becomes their job.  This is not an option for me.

For those who have family obligations like myself I think it is important to note that in order to be a real competitor you really need the support of your family.   They are your backbone as well as your cheer squad.   As a family we have made triathlon sport  a family thing.


My mission is to compete in the 2014 Kona World Championship.  I have a lot of training ahead of me.  I need to build strength and I need to improve my speed.  I am not an elite triathlete just an age grouper with a mission to make it to Kona.    Just look at my transformation pictures below.

(Left – 2011 to Right – 2013)!


As training for most is coming to a close my training season has just begun.  This blog will be my outlet to share my progress.  I look forward to blogging and keeping you entertained and Inspired!


  1. Im hoping my season of training is about to start too. Just waiting for the all clear from the physio. I will keep an eye on how your doing. My aim is an ironman, but i need to work out time commitments too. Good luck.

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