Base 1 Training Recap

First I need to share my masterpiece.  This made the entire Halloween event all worth it!

swim bike run
swim bike run

Now on to the real work:

I completed my base 1 training the end of November.  This week is a recovery before I start base 2 training, whew!   I wanted to take a moment and reflect back on the base 1 training.  Not just to document my trials but to gain from the experience.  What have I learned so that I do better through base 2 training?

Base 1 training lasted 3 weeks.  I started the base 1 training exhausted from the swim clinic (Lesson #1 – Perhaps I could have scheduled a better time for the swim clinic).  This made for a really difficult first week.

All the training sessions are done on my own and I found the bootcamp training extremely difficult to stay motivated.  It felt like I was stuck in the vicious cycle of constant head games with my inner-self.  You know, the one voice in your head that says “hey, that was close enough to a minute of squats right?” or “we don’t really need to do every exercise.” Don’t be fooled – I did every exercise and I did it strong to the end.  I just need to find others to train for this specific workout.  (Lesson #2 – Workout with the team at least once a week or find a comparable class at 24 hour).

Cycling, running, and biking have been simple in the sense that I like to do these on my own without any inner-voice complications.  However, I know I would benefit by participating in group rides, a running group, and a swim masters group or triathlon team swim training.  So the challenge here is to find these groups that will fit within my work/family schedule.  I think it will take leaning on family to assist through base 2 training to make this happen.

Training is training but what happens when you add family obligations?

Let me share with you the trials and tribulations of this balance through my base 1 training.  First we are relocating from Portland, Oregon to Oakland, California.  A few things go to an apartment we have secured but the majority of the items will be moved to storage where we can’t touch it until we have purchased a house (we have predicted this will take about 6 to 7 months).  Our belongings are moved 6 weeks before the kids and I actually relocate so we actually need to keep a few things out as if we are living out of a suitcase.  Crazy organization madness I tell you!

Then there were birthday party’s, caring for an elderly family member, and of course Thanksgiving.  Oh, and I think I had a day or two that either I was feeling ill or one of the kids felt a bit under the weather.

All in all I managed well through the base 1 training.

Base 2 Training Predictions

I am predicting that Base 2 training will be much easier than Base 1 training.  I say this because the moving will be complete and well, we will have nothing better to do.  I will have awesome support from the family as well.  Onward and upward!

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