Base 2 Training Recap

Base 2 Training may have been a bit more intense but much easier to manage.  Yep, even through the holiday’s and with no aches and pains (aside from the standard lactic acid build up).  I can feel myself getting stronger each day.  I think the increased strength really helped me through Base 2 training.

Another accomplishment I made through Base 2 training is making my fundraising goal for Oceanside.  Huge success and can’t thank my supporters enough!


I would like to introduce my running partner.  Mr. Eli


Eli joins me for my long run days every Sunday.  We spend a great deal of the run taking in the sights around us.  Base 2 long runs consisted primarily of Christmas lights but we found a few other interesting things along the way.  We saw a nutcracker statue on a porch that was easily 4 1/2″ tall, a large ferry boat along the river front, lots of “meows” as Eli would put it, and even a lost dog and owners trying to find him.  Our runs are never dull and we always find something interesting to pass the time.


BASE 2 Training Schedule

This is what my Base 2 training schedule consisted of.

Monday – AM: Endurance Swim, PM: low intensity run

Tuesday – AM: Strength Training, PM: Bike (interval training)

Wednesday – AM: Swim, PM: Track workout

Thursday – AM: Bike, PM: Strength Training

Friday – AM: Long distance bike

Saturday – Off

Sunday – AM: Long distance run

The training distance increases each week but the disciplines are on a solid schedule.  I move into a recovery week this week and then start my Build 1 Training.

Juggling Act – Take 2

Training for an event like Oceanside 70.3 will always be juggled with family and work.  However, some special juggling has been going on through this phase of training.  During Base 2 training we were spending our time packing for our big and sudden relocation move to Oakland.   My husband has made the transition already to start his new job.  I wanted to wait until the end of the kids school term to make the move.  Right after my husband left for Oakland the relocation packers and movers came to haul all of our belongings south.  Juggling at its best!

What’s Next

Build 1 training is next.  I will be in the middle of my build 1 training when the kids and I make the move to Oakland.  I will share how I fared through my training with all the other responsibilities that will need to be taken care of once we finally get there.

And for a little teaser…..My next post will be sharing a new upgrade I am making on my race bike….I feel like a kid in a candy store..hehe


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