Build 1 Training Recap

Build 1 training is complete and has been one of the best blocks of training yet.  I just felt so strong through each training session. There was so much going on through this block of training too.  If you’ve been following my blog you are well aware of my challenges of balancing family, work, and training.  That is pretty much why I started this blog.  I know I am not alone with the juggle of life.  This block of training was no exception.  We had a great deal of transition going on in our lives.

We made our move to Oakland, California from Portland, Oregon.  The entire unenrolling from one school/daycare and enrolling in another was extremely time consuming.  Not to mention two job interviews.  Hey, but I managed to stay on my training plan – Yes, peeps I am dedicated and focused.  Lots of planning ahead and willingness to adjust as needed.

bike 5


So one of the most important parts of my success through this block of training was bringing the family along where I could.  My husband made the transition a month ahead of myself and the kids so at times I had to bring the little ones along.  Same need applied once we arrived to Oakland as we worked through getting the daycare/school setup.

run 3 Run run 4

Making Connections

One of the first things I did was get connected with the triathlon and biking clubs in Oakland.  Being new to the area I needed help with bike routes.  I have been able to get in two really great rides.  Oh, and the weather has been absolutely perfect.

bike 4 Bike 3

What was super exciting was I was able to finally test out my new race wheels.  I need more time on them to decide if these wheels are any better than my stock wheels…..but they sure look cool.  I hope to be able to report out on this by the end of my next training block.

BIke 2 Bike 1

One of the best highlights of the this block of training was getting in a run with the entire family.   This was probably the highlight of my training.  Not to mention the few runs my husband and I got to do together.

run 6 run 5

Training Fuel

Training is only successful if you fuel your body right.  I don’t eat meat, fish, or dairy.  I don’t eat any foods processed or that contain gluten.  I also do not consume any soy products.  I made this change back in July of 2013.   This wasn’t a moral decision but rather a health decision.  I have never in my life felt as strong as I do now.   I don’t eat just lettuce…after all I am not a rabbit.  Here is a look and some of my fueling meals.

rice and beans
rice and beans
quinoa veggie stir fry
quinoa veggie stir fry
veggie meal
veggie meal
veggie meal 2
veggie meal 2
Thai Rice Noodle soup
Thai Rice Noodle soup
Kale Soup
Kale Soup


Hope you enjoyed my report out and are enjoying following my progress…until next time!

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