Oakland Triathlon Festival- Race Report

After a solid nap and some great food I am ready to post my race report.


This will be a short race report as I wasn’t able to finish the race.

Transition setup:

This was my favorite part of the race…..seriously!  It isn’t everyday that I get to race with my husband.  I like the longer races and he likes the shorter races.  This was the first race where we were racing the same distance in several years.  When we arrived we found we could place our bikes anywhere so of course we placed them side by side and prepared to setup…so cute, I know  🙂  I was a bit giddy over it.

Transition Oaktri1


The .9 mile swim was good.  I finished the swim portion in just under 27 minutes.  I liked starting the swim in the water not from the shore.   The course was perfect and I was grateful for the volunteers who greeted us at the exit.

Transition to Bike:

It wasn’t as slippery of a run as I thought it was going to be.  It was interesting to run up stairs; over the railroad track breezeway; and then descending down the stairs.  Running into transition was when I first realized how far from the entrance our bikes were.  It seem like I was running forever to get to my bike. That is what you get for showing up after 6 AM – Rodney likes to show up right before the race and I like to show up right as transition opens.


This is when the race got interesting….or perhaps not so much.  Easy run out of the transition.

I had just started out on the bike when a lady ahead of me on her bike looked down and back to her left (as if she was looking at her back tire) and well her handle bars went left.  I slammed on my brakes and swerved to the left to avoid from colliding into her.   That is where I thought we had recovered from our near entanglement.  I decided I would pass her after all of that…for safety reasons.  Just as I was passing her she looked down to her left…again and  she T-boned my bike….I had no chance to dodge or recover and went flying over my handle bars.  I must say I landed quite gracefully because I wasn’t bleeding; almost cat like (I doubt that is how it really looked).  The adrenaline was pumping so I did’t feel any pain at the moment.   I was more worried about the state of my bike and more concerned that all my hydration fluid was pouring out onto the street.  I jumped up and raced toward my bike to try and save as much of my drink that I could.  My chain was off and my back brakes were not working…the brake pads were locked onto my back tire.  I was able to stretch the brake pads apart and put the chain back on….but I had no back brakes…  I jumped on my bike and kept moving but I had lost a good 5 minutes off my time because of this.  After about a mile I started settling down and went to take a sip of my fluids, well there wasn’t any…blah.

My biggest complaint about the bike race wasn’t the terrain – it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be with all the talk about numerous pot holes and train tracks. There were a lot of novice riders in this race with zero cycling etiquette making this a really dangerous bike course.   I mean who rides slow on the left side (that’s the passing lane), who passes people on the right side (maybe they don’t drive either), who zigzags all over the place (well maybe drunk cyclist I suppose).   Having international, sprints as well as a duathlon on the same day made this course dangerous.  Even after the crash I felt like I was dodging for my life at least until I made it to the second loop…

I was amazed how many police officers and volunteers were out that gave us a heads up on the pot holes, tracks, and wet spots.

I finished the bike course in 1 hour 21 minutes.  I keep imagining what my time would have been if I hadn’t been run over and entangled with another cyclist.


Transition to Run:

I jumped off the bike and headed toward transition.  It was only then did I realize all was not well.  I failed to check myself over and think I must have been running on adrenaline when I jumped on the bike after the crash.  I tried to ignore the pain and quickly changed into my running gear and headed out of transition.



I figured out quite quickly that I couldn’t flex my right foot and it hurt with every stride.  I made it to the first aide station 1 mile in and just couldn’t envision finishing another 5.2 miles.  I kept thinking about my ride this coming October and my 2 “A” races next year.  Was it worth the setback if I completed this race….I told myself – no way.  I turned around and was given a ride by the race medics to transition.


After thought

I sit here now after today’s race barely able to walk around the house.  My foot is slightly swollen – perhaps during the collision on the bike I pulled some ligaments and bruised my foot.  I didn’t have pain earlier today but it is starting to set in. At this point I am glad my stubborn self didn’t override what I know was the right decision.  Oh and ice is my best friend today 🙂

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