Tis the Season to be grateful

I am so grateful for the backyard training grounds of the Bay area.

Does anyone ever ask you where you train or “workout”?  If you are like me the answer is hard to explain in a single sentence.  I take advantage of the awesome terrain I’m surrounded by….so let me explain so you can see why it is near impossible to explain without feeling like I am giving a verbal thesis.


berkeley marina

I swim at Mills College pool, 24 hour fitness, as well as certain areas of the Bay.  I do belong to a masters swim team at Laney College but I haven’t been in a while (I’ll be getting back to this after the new year).  I have dipped into the Bay around Alameda several times but my favorite go to place is the Berkeley Marina.   I still need to get out to the popular Aquatic Park in San Francisco.  Swimming in the pool is okay to get in your sets but there is a feeling of freedom and peace when swimming in the open water.  Maybe it has something to do with not having to share a lane or worry about the flip turns that I am horrific at.




three bears

I bike in the comforts of my home and 24 hour cycle classes but nothing compares to the outside terrain here in the Bay area – from the Bay Trail, Redwood Loop, and my all time favorite – The Three Bears Loop.  I have only begun to explore this area but so far it has amazed me.





morning run

I am really happy running anywhere so long as it is outside.  I could run trails for ever and ever. It is so peaceful out on the trails but if I am running short on time I head to Lake Merrit.  If you get out there early in the morning (I do mean early – like 5AM) there are very few people on the path and lights that wrap all the way around the lake providing enough light to safely run.





Where I train really depends on my schedule.  Balancing family, work and training makes for a very interesting schedule.  Yes, that means I get up at 3:45 Am to get to the gym some mornings (this is so I can get in my morning training session and get back home before the kids wake up).  I also get in my sessions over lunch as well as in the evening.


Today when asked where I train I fumbled over my words because I was overcome with the feeling of gratitude!

Thank you Bay Area for all that you are.


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