2015 Oceanside 70.3 Race Report

Wahoo!!!  Another Oceanside 70.3 under my belt.


  • Improved my swim by 2 minutes 47 seconds!!!
  • Tanked on the bike losing 10 minutes (details below).
  • Improved my run by 27 minutes!!!

So cool to improve my ranking from 61st to 38th place….next year I am shooting for the stars with a big goal of top 10!

Race Morning!

So last year I showed up super early…like so early that I was the first person in the gate when they opened transition.  This year with all the shuttle changes I arrived 30 minutes before they kick you out of transition.  This will never…ever happen again.  I just didn’t have the time I needed for setup and to even relax and get in the zone….this really became apparent on the ride.

Swim! 1.2 miles  – Starting to believe there is a little fish in me.


I was so ready for this swim.  Water temperature was perfect and I had really put in a great deal of focus strengthening my swim stroke.   I really enjoyed seeing the seals come out to watch the race.  They even cheered us all on!  (argh!!! argh!!!)


Bike! 56 miles – I wasn’t the flash I wanted to be…

I remember last year the mental struggle through the bike course, especially when I saw the first big climb.  This year it wasn’t a struggle at all.   The hills didn’t bother me mentally.  Physically the bike course was far more challenging than last year.  I am typically a pretty good rider.  This race I felt like I was pushing through every stroke and it felt miserable.  Found out after the race that my tire pressure was at 85 psi.  It is suppose to be at 110 psi.  Didn’t check them before heading out of transition….no time.

For all the boys out there you can skip this section.  For the ladies however….ever fear of being on your “cycle” come race day?  Well, I just had that experience.  Yep, I carried a tampon and yep I had to get off the bike midway on the bike course and change.  I guess there are some other options out there but I just stuck to what I know.

Run! 13.1 miles – No injuries this year…

So my 27 minute improvement on the run was awesome but most of that was because I was injured during last years race.  I was really hoping for a sub 2hr time but didn’t make the cut this year.  I had a pain in my side that came on right off the bike and it didn’t let up the entire run course.  I couldn’t breath deep at any point.  I will be working on improving my nutrition and hydration over the next few months and really get it dialed in for Cabo.



Love this race! The volunteers are out of this world supportive. I can’t thank them enough for their dedication to all of us racers.  Coach Raeleigh (Elite Triathlon Performance America) You Rock Chickie!  You are truly an amazing and supportive coach!!! Big shout out to Coach Marcia (MEMO Swim team) for your unconditional support and assistance in improving my swim.  A super huge thank you to all of my family and friends who continue to support me through this journey.


IMG_4757 IMG_4764 IMG_4769  IMG_4773 IMG_4774 IMG_4778

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