A Girl and Her Tri Bike – A Love Story – Part 1

My first bike was a loyal steed
It never failed from A to B
For years it suffered my neglects
The squeaky brakes and rusty flecks

Until one day my friend said, “See.”
“That bottle there is held by me!”
How bottle and my bike relate
For that my friend you’ll have to wait

For what this has to do with that
Is like green eggs and cat in hat
It wasn’t what my friend would say
but what was on TV that day

A standing crowd of people cheering
And in the midst a hand appearing
“That’s my arm”, my friend was saying
All I saw were palm trees swaying

Then I turned and said, “Who is that?”
“This smiling girl with the Union Jack.”
Chrissie Wellington was her name
The Ironman had brought her fame

In that moment I’d been smitten
Swim-bike-running bug had bitten
Like lightning to a kite and key
Triathlon sparked its fire in me

It was while attending a friend’s barbecue that I was first introduced to the world of Triathlon. My friend had coincidentally been in Kona for the 2007 Ironman World Championships and joined the throngs gathered to watch the finish. What she was so proud to show me was her disembodied hand holding a water bottle captured on the television footage as the top woman crossed the finish line. It was the year that Chrissie Wellington went from being a virtual unknown to the queen of the Ironman. Through her amazing performances, unsinkable smile and determination, she has inspired countless people to take up the sport. I am proud to count myself among them.

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