Part 2 – First You Swim – Learning the Basics

Six long months I ran and paddled
Adding miles beneath my saddle
At last it came the day and time
Sep twenty-six, two thousand nine

Each journey has that special step
“A” letter in each alphabet
Each champion has a starting line
Each has a first and this was mine

At the gun we hit the water
Goggles? Wonder why I bothered
Head held high to keep from drinking
Doggy style to keep from sinking

My swimming leg was not that fast
Out of the lake I was dead last
That first transition? Not my best
Now on my steed I headed west

Through rolling hills and windy plain
I peddled hard with time to gain
At least I didn’t get a flat
In my sights the trailing pack

Now the run was all or nothing
Passed two walking me still running
Like I said, it wasn’t pretty
One fourteen, the other fifty
My first official triathlon was the 2009 Central Valley Sprint Distance Triathlon held at the Woodward Reservoir, about 75 miles south of Sacramento, California. I emerged from the lake dead last after dog paddling the entire 500 yard swim. I kept my sights set firmly on the entire field throughout the bike leg (meaning I was still last). After dismounting my trusty mountain bike at T2 I decided to drop the hammer during the run. At that time I counted the run as my strongest of the three disciplines. Over the 5K course I reeled in two other female triathletes. One, competing in the 50-59 age group and a 14-year old high school student, the sole entrant in the 18 and under women’s division. I also beat two men.

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