Part 3 – Against the Wind – Seeking Aero

Part 3 – Against the Wind – Seeking Aero

As most of you have guessed by now
It’s certain that I’ve joined a crowd
Not one that comes with membership
Or tan lines shaped like timing chips

My peers and I now share alike
Cervelo carbon time trial bikes
My new P2 filled me with pride
From the first mile of my first ride

RPMs my new addiction
Light and fast with lower friction
Before my half I double dipped
And added two new carbon Zipps

“A” is for Aero, Zipp for “Z”
Garmin is for the letter “G”
“M” for money I’ll soon forget
Letters in my new alphabet

For when you count accessories
There’s one for each from A to Z
Add them up and what does it spell?
Fast, light and expensive as #ell

Now my desires in life are speed
Power and strength with less fatigue
Visit Rio de Janeiro
Peace, love and the perfect aero

In March of 2012, after over two years training and racing with my old mountain bike I bought a Cervelo P2 Carbon Frame Triathlon bike. I had heard and seen a lot of good things about the bike, not the least of which was that Chrissie Wellington was riding it on that fateful day I had witnessed in 2007. On that day she started the cycle outside of the top 10 women and then passed the leaders one by one until she was leading going into the run.

At the time the price seemed laughable. Laughable in the kind of way that if a non-triathlete asked what I paid for my bike I would try to politely sidestep the question by shaking my head, chuckling and saying, “more than I should have”. It has turned out to be some of the best money I’ve ever spent. For the time I spend on my P2 it’s probably down to a few pennies (or less) a mile. Compared to my old mountain bike the P2 is like trading up from a Honda Accord to a Lamborghini.

But now, by competitive triathlon standards, the P2 qualifies as a training bike. A high-end training bike but a training bike nonetheless. Within the next couple of years I have my eye on a Felt IA FRD. Unless Cervelo is interested in sponsoring me (joke – I know they don’t sponsor individual athletes – but seriously if they are looking for a tri/mommy blogger, call me!)

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