Santa Cruz 70.3 Race Recap

If you are thinking about a really cool new destination for a 70.3 next year add Santa Cruz 70.3 to your race lineup.  The water temperature was in the mid 60’s and it was overcast most of the race.  I never got cold and never felt like I was going to overheat.  Lots of volunteers and aid stations the entire way as well.

I have nothing but great things to say about racing Santa Cruz 70.3 especially since I shouldn’t have been racing at all. With a hip and back injury that forced me out of racing Cabo it was really time to let my body heal….but you see there was a little husband/wife wager on the line…and I’ll be dammed if I was going to lose.

Several months back my husband said he could do this race and finish in the same amount of time and without any coaching. It ignited a fiery flame of determination. This was all about principality. I knew I could beat him so I set the bar a bit higher for myself. I wasn’t only going to beat him I was going to beat him by an hour.

See he is stronger on the bike if we are just going for a ride; he can out run me on the run if we are just going on a run…but putting it all together and add a swim into the mix…baby I got you beat (hair flip).

The swim started out great but I got thrown around like I was in a washing machine after I reached the first turn. It was a bit smoother on the way back in but didn’t make for the best swim of my career. My wave went 20 minutes before my husband’s wave so I knew I wouldn’t see him for awhile.


I knew if I was going to have any issues on race day it would happen on the bike. At about 1.5 hours on the bike my hip and sciatic pain started up. With every peddle stroke the burning on my right hip intensified. I really wanted to be in aero as well but knew it wasn’t good for my injury. At mile 40 I saw my husband on the bike and felt I was a little bit behind my 1 hr goal. I pushed harder but found it hard to maintain because I really had to pee (I refuse to pee on the bike) and the burning sensation on my hip was insane. I jumped off the bike for a potty break somewhere around mile 44 and that break helped subside the constant burning pain through the hip as well as my bladder…enough to get me back to transition.


The run course was an out and back and I knew I could gauge my lead on my husband by when I passed him on the course. I didn’t waste any time getting into a rhythm but fought the hip and sciatic pain for the first 5 miles. No sign of my husband at mile 6 or 7. I still hadn’t seen him by mile 8. Then there he was coming up the road as I passed mile marker 9. Doing all the calculations in my head I was still a bit behind my goal. I finished up the run where I saw a humpback whale come up out of the water to eat. Coolest part of the event.


Of course I beat my husband…but only by 43 minutes. Oh Yeah…doin the dance, doin the dance !!!  I didn’t rub it in his face or anything like that.  His friends, who had no idea of the little household competition, took care of that.  Once he finished and we connected his friends said to him “Dude, your wife kicked your ass.”


Oh, and I finished with a PR of 18 minutes which is amazing given my injuries. I just keep thinking if I can do this injured….I can’t wait to see what I can do healed with nothing holding me back.

2 thoughts on “Santa Cruz 70.3 Race Recap

    • I would definitely do this race again. I didn’t much enjoy running through the thick sand to the finish line but it is in no way a deal breaker. Amazing views more than make up for it. They just repaved Hwy 1 as well so the ride was super smooth most of the way.

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