Cutting Cermony

After racing Santa Cruz 70.3 I have continued to wear my race bracelet….until today.

Keeping my race bracelet on was for a much deeper reason.  Many think it is because of the little spousal rivalry my husband and I had set into play over the 70.3 Santa Cruz course in which he said he could finish in the same amount of time as me…which I won.  My race bracelet really has nothing to do with that at all.


You see, I had found such a great group of like-minded triathlete friends in Oakland that I have really struggled to transition to Portland fully.  I miss them every day.  I miss the weekly swimming and running session and the weekend rides.  I know I have expressed my heartache but I don’t know that I really recognized how emotionally draining it has been on me.

Once in Portland I felt like I was missing out on big events and training sessions that I really wanted to be a part of and found myself back in “train on your own” rut.  I even traveled down to participate in training weekends when I could…and the fact I won’t be making the end of season team party next month really aches my soul.  This race bracelet is the last moment of the season I was able to spend with my favorite peeps…and I really didn’t want it to end.

Santa Cruz  23 Santa Cruz 21 Santa Cruz 22

Now that the season is over and I have slowed down to reconnect with myself a bit more I realized something.    I haven’t lost those connections…because they are still there (in a virtual sort of way) and will be there when I visit and at a couple of next years races..and maybe if I can convince them to come this way for a weekend of training.

I do need to strive to make those types of connections here in Portland.   Now hear me out, I don’t need motivation to keep the desire I have inside me to compete in triathlons…cause that is seeded deep.  I have close friends that could attest to that!!!!  LOL

But it is awesome and motivating to connect with people who enjoy the sport like I do.


So today ….cutting of my race bracelet symbolizes my willingness to move forward instead of staying in a constant
state of longing.   While I heal physically it is also time to heal emotionally.

I have already begun to connect with like-minded triathletes here in Portland and they are pretty awesome individuals…

Onward and Upward!!!

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