#BeastMode v2.0

A couple weekends ago I was able to share my love of triathlon with my daughter.  She has come to my races and cheered me on in the past but this time we competed together.

I was excited but also a bit nervous.  I stayed with her the entire way.  Any mama bear would.  I cheered her on and encourage her to keep pushing.

Some key moments I am taking away:

When we were coming out of the water I was coming out slowly to wait for her…next thing I knew she blasting past me, running hard into transition.  I couldn’t help but smile. It’s clear the determination runs through her blood and is engraved in her DNA.


I did a lot of cheering especially when I noticed it was someone I knew.  It didn’t take Zoi long to jump in and cheer too.  It’s important to recognize the little things we pass on!

Coming through the shoot Zoi kicked into gear and blasted through the finish line…..That my friends is BEASTMODE v2.0 in the making.  Great first race Mini-me!



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