About this Triathlete

Triathlon’s are what I do, it’s what fulfills my desire to challenge my body and mind.  I seriously love this sport.

Korie Hicks 051917_NH17644

Triathlon training is intense! Focusing on three separate disciplines – Swimming, Biking, and Running  brings a completely different element to a workout routine.  Throw family and career into the mix makes you become incredibly proficient at managing chaos.   Up to this point I have competed in Sprints, Olympics and 1/2 Iron distances .   I had planned to compete in my first full Ironman distance October 2015 but an injury got the best of me.


Balancing family, career, and training is the key to my success.  Thankfully I’m a pretty stellar project manager and a task master artist!  Elite triathletes find that either their family time suffers (or personal life) as training becomes their full time job.  This is not an option for me.  My training schedule is planned out.  During training season I had the opportunity to change to 4 days a week allowing me to do my long ride/long run brick session every Friday (when the family is preoccupied with work and school).   I still ride and swim on Saturday but I am able to knock both of those out before the family gets started with the day.

You know what the true key to a successful training season is? Having the support of my family.   They are my backbone as well as my cheer squad.   We have made swimming, biking, and running a family affair.

DSC_0381 Tri42014trifam1 run 3


My mission is to continue to improve in each leg of the race to qualify for next years 70.3 World Championship race.  I have a lot of training ahead of me.  I need to build strength and I need to improve my speed.  I am not an elite triathlete, just an age grouper in love with the triathlon.



This blog will be my outlet to share my progress.  I look forward to blogging and keeping you entertained and inspired!

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